The Truck Driver

One sunny day, there was an old man named Billy Bob,

he was fat and short. He was just driving his eighteen

wheeler to walmart.Than all of a sudden he saw

Mrs.Larue walking in the middle of the road,he was

about to reach for his lemonade cup then his cup

fell on his brake system. He was about to close his

eyes, then he saw Ike save Mrs.Larue i was so happy.

Then I saw polices charging at me, so I shot them

with a bazooka bubble gun. And I road a

squrel into the sunset.


California Gold Rush

I am moving westward so I can see if I could go to the gold rush and strike rich. We were in northwest territory. I have been in california for 3 weeks, and my wife has all ready left california to go say hi to one of her pioneer brothers. We also live in a log cabin. My kids Rosa and Bob are loving their new home. In california there is so much new cloths and good food. We just got a pet bronco named buster. Our cabin is two story. We love to go fishing with the cowboys on the dock. I think we will live good after all.


patriot poem,Hayden’s work

Richard Lee served one-year term as the president
of the congress of the confederation job
he was in the army
had 13 children
Richard Henry Lee
was not married
did not go to college
both his parents died after touring Europe
Lee was elected as the sixth President of Congress, www.