Sponge Bob The Zombie!!!

ohohohohhh the once was a haunted house under the sea, Sponge bob the zombie. It was sunset and Sponge bob the zombie died DUN!DUN!DUNNNN. He came back to life, and went to get an ice cream bar. YUM YUM YUM!. He went to his lovely weird haunted house, but he saw a sigh that said macaroni cheese dude missing,age 6 really fat and extra cheesy.”He thought that’s just fake. so he sat on his couch and got an ouch.He sat on thumb tacks,It did not feel good. His house fell over, He was cursed by the Boogie Man! Then he went to sleep. The next day he saw a sigh that said Avery Goodman lost for good. so sponge the zombie could not believe it, so he stabbed his self with a toilet paper roll.